Friday, April 2, 2010

Last Hour in Gethsemane

(Revised April 2, 2010)

"Could you keep watch with me this hour?",
it's written that our dear Christ said,
in that dark garden where his bower
wove mustard seeds with thorns. The bread

had made the Lord's disciples full –
so satisfied, they would not last.
They felt the weighted earthly pull,
sins’ gravity – the cross was cast.

Though Jesus knew all men are weak,
oh how it must have grieved his heart
to be abandoned by his sheep,
the ones he’d chosen from the start.

And it is so for each of us
in that steep valley of the skull
where our travail is ominous,
and cupped with trembling – till a lull

shall lift us from the anguished floor
of threshing where God’s angels swarm
to separate the chaff before
the wheat is gathered in the storm.

© Anne Bryant-Hamon

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