Friday, April 2, 2010

Good News for All People on Good Friday

Today being Good Friday, I want to turn my thoughts to the truly good news of God's love for all of humankind - yes, ALL, not just some. I've been really struggling lately with some hard issues, been pretty lonely, been feeling a touch of desperation, but I'm glad that God has a plan that includes every person. And I'm glad that I truly believe this with all my heart - it gives me great peace in the storms of life. Since I very much dislike organized religion, I don't talk about my faith too much on my blog. Because so many horrible things have been done in the name of Christ, it has caused many rational people to stop listening and there certainly are plenty of "crazy" (hateful) people naming the name of Christ in the world who go about proclaiming bad news in God's Holy name (which is a shame). I became a convinced Universalist Christian in 2001 - nearly ten years ago. For that deliverance of my soul, I am truly thankful. But honestly, even in UR circles, there is still much religious bondage. However, it was largely through the labor of love of Gary and Michelle Amirault's ministry at that I was enabled to come into God's Spiritual River of Freedom. I hope and pray that many souls are released from the prisons of fear and hopelessness this weekend as we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ.

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