Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Passover - Easter Greetings

I figure I probably should post something at least once a month, otherwise, why keep a blog? The photo is a reminder that we are both alike and different than each other, but we all need love and friends. I have a few good friends. That is enough.
I have not been writing much poetry since late December when I was kicked off Eratosphere. And that's not a bad thing, actually. I'm paying more attention to 'real' people and other 'real-life' things and doing more in my house and garden. I did read CE Chaffin's poetry collection of poems "Unexpected Light', which I recommend as a good collection of free verse poems. I'd started reading it at the end of February and had planned to finish it then. But mom died on the 28th and that, along with some of my own physical ailments seems to have swallowed up the entire month of March. I am feeling a lot better than I did in February. The darkness appears to be deepening if one measures it by looking at the news; there has been an increase in violence and mass killings which is surely connected to the economic downturn. I do my best not to be troubled by the tossing sea. My biggest threat from my perspective is to be done in by a broken heart from being witness to such mass suffering and confusion. But it is not in my control, so I wait for God to bring everything to the light in due time. I wait. I wait for the Lord of all the earth, the God who gave me a spirit, a soul and a body. He will be faithful to all his Creation.

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Frank Hubeny said...

Hi Anne. Sorry to hear about your mother. If you haven't seen Raymond Moody's Life after Life, I recommend it. He coined the term "near-death experience" although the discussion of it goes back to Plato (Book 10 of the Republic) and the ancient Egyptians. I accidentally stumbled on this book in a bookstore after my father died last year. However, I am beginning to doubt there are any real accidents.

I didn't know you were kicked off Eratosphere. I got tired of it some time ago and haven't posted there in half a year. I think you are right that there are better things to do with real people.