Monday, October 13, 2008

The Green Vampire

- for my Aussie friend Paul -

Among stalactites, deep in molten caves,
La femme Batilda hangs out as she waits
for green hors d'oeuvres Some patrons barely leave
a trace of hemoglobin on their plates.
The only blood Batilda will consume
is chlorophyll, slow-cooked in leafy veins.
She craves the heads and necks of raw legumes
and fan-shaped radish tops on rose red flames,
(ummmm.... spicy balls of fire topped with sage).

Her taste for tofu waxes – then it wanes –
she’d much prefer to dine on cabbage rows.
‘To-die-for’: pumpkin seeds at Halloween,
ambrosia of bean-sprouts and plump mushrooms.
Make love! Make love, not war beneath the moon!
Batilda hopes the whole world soon turns green.

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